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Girl vs Brunette: I found out exactly what guy really favor on Tinder

It’s been a question with which has raged so long as dating and sexual intercourse happen anything.

We’ve all noticed the well-worn opinion that guy prefer blondes, that blondes have more enjoyable etcetera.

Just like in some way the hair colouring decides what you can enjoy being.

But, as an old normal blonde, I’ve never ever paid so much awareness to everything that.

I’ve switched my tresses colouring regularly since age of 15. Particularly, as my friends posses brought up, after a horrible separation. Like the entire cliche.

Hence, following your best end of a dirty, extended on-off union in April, I altered my own tresses shade just as before – to brunette, the first time.

I’d come golden-haired, ginger, vivid red, but never brownish.

I was very free of charge, extremely individual and extremely a great deal willing to associate in my brand-new brunette locks.

I’d tried online dating software during the most ‘off’ time period the mentioned romantic entanglement. Next I’d been extremely blond, together with become pleasantly surprised by the successes on it in regards to communications and times.

Would I have found close success as brunette me personally?

The time had come position their ‘blondes are better’ principles for the greatest examination.

That taste were to come about on Tinder, the giant of internet dating apps.

I decided to expend 3 days as a blonde on Tinder, and 3 days as a brunette to see which form of me personally could possibly have additional achievements.

Very would blondes really have more pleasurable?

The guidelines

To help this have fun because reasonable as it can, I started the following crushed rules:

1) I would shell out 3 days making use of photographs of me personally as each mane coloring 2) i might get started on an entirely new page everytime, so the earlier the application of Tinder before the research wouldn’t impair success 3) To get a fair sample, I would personally swipe right 200 occasions each in the same locality 4) I wouldn’t message your fits first as I were going to measure complements vs real visitors conversing with me personally

And as soon as those happened to be chosen, I was equipped to put swipe-happy.


It’s our newest locks colouring, as a result it made feeling firstly are brunette. I overflowing my member profile with a variety of pics of merely me personally and photographs with pals, and a rather simple bio with a little about myself and my personal passions.

Fairly standard ideas really.

I quickly launched swiping. Things started out a bit slower – to begin with we only experienced a few matches within the 200 swipes. By the end associated with three days and this is what I were left with:

I experienced 28 suits, implies I’d paired with 14 % men and women I’d swiped close to.

However, simply six of the after that really messaged me.

Hence, in the long run, three per cent men and women I mentioned certainly to chose these people were going to talk me.

That has beenn’t an inviting statistic first, specifically because I receivedn’t become selective.

Hence set about the discussions, and I also detest to say this nevertheless ended up being quite tame affair – almost no with the improperly thought-out sexual innuendos, come-ons or needs for dick pics that Tinder is very well-known for.

Perhaps I couldn’t mistake this lad’s friendliness:

I like acquiring flowers, also digital data. But or else, all a little bit disappointing.

I did love this particular guy’s laugh about my favorite task too. Excellent work to get at determine me.

But those had been genuinely the highlights.

Was actually my own mane colouring responsible?


After a reasonably modest feel as a brunette, I deleted the member profile and going again as a girl.

I’d recently been gothic for the majority of our sex and adolescent lifestyle, and so I made certain to work with pretty recently available blond picture of myself, like school pictures, very years wouldn’t getting an excessive amount of a component. I often tried equal bio as our brunet visibility.

Then I began swiping.

The main difference got amazingly obvious and it also got quick.

It had been in fact a bit dismaying.

Having been literally acquiring a fit any swipe. It has been outrageous naughtydate in comparison with the brunet profile it got for a long time to get through 200 swipes due to the fact It’s the Match! test kept showing up.

Severely. Every swipe.

It has beenn’t merely a sense often. It had been replicated precisely within the range total fits I been given covering the three-day stage. I had 101 fights, which means approximately 50 % of the guys I swiped on swiped on me-too.

By the end regarding the three days, 20 regarding guy had delivered me emails.

So, 10 per-cent of those that beaten beside me ended up chatting myself. That’s at the very least three times significantly more than as soon as I am brunette.

Furthermore the Tinder we know and love arrived of the woodwork.

When you look at the form, for instance, on this beautifully engineered information:

This person couldn’t mince his or her statement either:

I’m certainly not positive how this option have the perception I became a ballbuster from my own profile…I dont render a practice of hitting guys inside the balls:

And do I truly appear like danger?

But, it should be explained, I became using lots of fun are crazy.

Plus The champ…

Was actually unquestionably blond me personally. Without a shadow of any doubt.

After some expression, I came to the conclusion it may be related to whatever photographs I elected too – perhaps our test was actuallyn’t as really clean simply because it could have been. The methods of myself blond happened to be undoubtedly way more glamorous with shots of myself on times around. Within I’m dressed up for Halloween and pulling a present.

Maybe the men exactly who swiped right on me achieved hence less because I happened to be gothic, but much because I had been offering an effect of me personally having fun?

What can I declare? I happened to be probably more enjoyable at uni *sob*.

Regarding upside, we looked a great deal more expected to come a person to have got a proper talk with after I had been brunette – similar to the guy who was looking for could work.

Therefore though I found myselfn’t going to posses countless suits with brown hair, my favorite possibilities of locating things most real could have been top (basically may find adequate to truly chat to).

And that’s a luxury. In my opinion anyway.